Syllabus – Summer 2013

YA Lit 101 is based on the Young Adult Literature elective Sarah created and teaches.  Cindy and Sarah created this course so teachers can read and discuss YA, try new genres, and find ways to incorporate it in their curriculum.

Together we’ll be reading and discussing books from five different genres.  You’ll have three different books to choose from within each genre and a set amount of time to read the book of your choice before the discussion.  If you’ve already read the books, feel free to join the discussion or use this as an opportunity to reread a book.

If you were part of Sarah’s high school class, you’d be required to produce a final project and presentation in place of a final exam. You’d choose from a list of projects which would invariably require you to read additional YA titles of your choosing.

But you’re not a student in Sarah’s high school class.

While you’re not required to do anything that is shared here, we extend the invitation to read, to discuss, to create, and to share here as a way to experience this course. It’s not the same as the student experience, but hopefully it will allow you the chance to experiment and brainstorm and consider creating similar opportunities for your students.

We’ll share more about the options Sarah has created for her students to do as final projects in a later post.

More important at the moment is the need to make some decisions about which titles we’ll focus on in the coming weeks. Feel free to go to the links below for more information on each of the titles in the category listed (they will open in a new window) as you make your picks. We’ll announce the top three choices in each category on Thursday (7/11) so you can plan your reading!


Conversation to begin Thursday, July 18, 2013.


Conversation to begin Thursday, July 25, 2013.


Conversation to begin Thursday, August 1, 2013.


Conversations to begin Thursday, August 8, 2013.


Conversations to begin Thursday, August 15, 2013.

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42 thoughts on “Syllabus – Summer 2013

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  2. I’m supposed to be working on my thesis :) but I can’t pass this opportunity up! Thank you SO much for creating this!!!

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