Class Expectations

Starting this Thursday, we’ll begin our discussions of the books we’ve chosen to read.

Since this whole class is optional, you can choose to participate (or not) whenever you wish.

However, if you choose to participate, we want to make clear our expectations for that participation.

  • Realize that you should have the book read before you read through the comments. Spoilers will likely appear in the conversations, so please do not be surprised or angry if this happens.

  • Bring reader questions and observations about the text. We will throw our own questions and observations out for you to consider,  but your questions and observations are as important and necessary in this as ours.

  • Please abide by the Thumper Rule when interacting with others:

  • Back up what you’re asking or saying with quotes and page numbers so that we can all follow along.

  • Think about and share possible thematic text connections (classics, YA lit, picture books, poetry, non fiction texts, news stories, movies, YouTube videos). This will be especially helpful information for the teachers among  us, but it’s good thinking for all of us.


About CBethM

I'm a book lover and technology geek who happens to also be a high school English teacher, National Writing Project teacher consultant, and certified school librarian. The opinions I offer here are reflective of my thoughts and opinions and not that of my employer, family, or friends.
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7 Responses to Class Expectations

  1. danielle. says:

    So excited to get started!!

  2. Taryn H. says:

    I’m still unsure about how and when these conversations will happen. Am I missing a post somewhere?

    • The Reading Selections post has a reminder for the day each discussion starts. We’ll have a post set to publish for each title that day (meaning one post per book which equals three posts) and participants will comment on the post(s) of their choice during the day. The comments will be where the discussion happens. You might make one comment, or you might be part of a discussion that is 20 comments long. Does that make sense?

    • CBethM says:

      Everything is happening here. There will be a part for each title that you can comment on. We decided that it made most sense to do it here instead of Facebook or Twitter so no one was excluded or intimidated by the technology. Commenting on blog posts is pretty low stress. 🙂 Does this help?

      • Taryn H. says:

        Thanks. I just didn’t know if it would be like #titletalk or something where everyone is on at once chatting and I wanted to make sure I would be available if it was. Heck, just posting a comment on a blog can happen any time. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Thanks!

      • CBethM says:

        That was one of the other reasons for doing it this way. I can’t wait for this to get going either! I set my alarm! 🙂

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