Intro to Gender Relations: Syllabus

There has been no shortage of discussion in the news about gender relations. Stories about bullying, sexual harassment, slut-shaming, and double-standards abound. So much of adolescence is about learning to find your place in and among the groups around you and much of those navigations seem tied to our gender. We have always looked to our peers and our families and respected adults to see what’s acceptable in the world we live in. These influences haven’t always agreed, but these days learning what’s right and fair and respectful can get further clouded by the onslaught of media messages. How do we help our students learn to CHOOSE KIND – or even to be empathetic enough to know what that would look like in the new situations they will find themselves in as they grow up?  How do we make these important social changes and change the way we think and act?

this one summerOne way to perpetuate this change is through exposing readers to books that draw attention to these issues. Our common text, the graphic novel This One Summer does this through both its text and images. There are scenes that demonstrate just how impressionable teens are to the social cues around them – and how important it is for us to talk about the significance of our words and actions when dealing with each other.

Diversity, in terms of gender relations, is not so much about how many books exist with female characters or male characters – but about the number of books that call our attention to the stereotypes and biases that we might have acquired over the years. No change can happen unless we feel willing to admit that they exist.

This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki is a story that looks at two young girls on vacation with their families who give us the opportunity to experience the social world around them – of relationships close to them and those they are only just noticing – through their eyes.

We invite you to read This One Summer along with us and consider the ways in which we can discuss this as readers with other readers.


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